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I Wuz ’Ere - Memoirs of STAR ’86

About the book

I Wuz ’Ere : Memoirs of STAR ’86 is a collection of tales and memories of STAR ’86; of 131 students from all over Malaysia who enrolled in 1982 and left in 1986. The book is arranged into several chapters — written both in Bahasa Malaysia and English.

These are the stories and chapters of our journey, the angst of adolescent years and growing up, brotherhood, rivalries, teachers. Of Ipoh town and its surrounding landmarks — the majestic Ipoh Railway Station, Jubilee Park, Pasar Bulat, Medan Kidd. Of travel and adventures and last, but never the least, of “life, love and dreams.”

These are the stories of yesteryear, the past and the future; of persevering challenges; to a privileged few — of studying in Oxbridge and working abroad; all pursuing dreams and ultimately reaching for the pinnacles of success.

These are the stories of boys to men.

These are the stories of STAR ’86.

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